WELLNESS & WEIGHT LOSS – FAST 5 – Returns & Policy

Due to the nature of this product (which cannot be resold if it is returned) all orders are final. We are unable to accept returns if you have changed your mind. If you have placed an order, paid for it but wish to cancel, you have 3 hours to do so, or up until your product has been sent. Orders, eligible for cancellation may incur a reversal processing charge of $12.50.

Damaged parcels
If your product arrives damaged, please contact us immediately.

Client Confidentiality/ Privacy
The privacy of your personal information provided when you order with FAST 5 is important to us. We will not disclose or sell your customer data to any third party.

We use a secure service as our credit card gateway – so your credit card details are not stored anywhere on our servers or our premises.

Delivery Times
We will process and courier your order within 24 hours of receiving provided payment has been confirmed. Orders received after 12 noon on Friday or during the weekend will be couriered out on the Monday. Targeted delivery is next day however, some rural addresses will take 2 -3 days (depending on your local courier).

If your order is going to be delayed for any reason, we will contact you to advise when you should receive it.

No Guarantee
FAST 5 HCG formulations are provided in the correct potencies as fit for purpose, and are sold specifically to assist with weight loss in healthy individuals. There is no guarantee that it will work for all individuals. *All customers will buy the product on the understanding that they do so at their own risk. 

By clicking ‘Submit Order’ you agree that you have purchased our product solely at your own discretion, acknowledging that you have read and understood the information contained within this website; you’ve done your own independent research into the use of FAST 5 HCG and its suitability for use in your particular weight loss situation; and that you have consulted with your physician about any pre-existing health conditions.

You also accept that at all times, it is your personal responsibility for monitoring and assessing your own results from using our products; and that if, while taking homeopathic HCG you experience ill health or have any health concerns, you will stop taking it and consult your physician immediately.

FAST 5 HCG pilules work for most healthy people, but because of the number of variables in each individual’s detoxification and accompanying weight loss journey, its use is not guaranteed, and you will be purchasing our product upon this understanding.

By clicking ‘Submit Order’ you also acknowledge that you agree to purchase the FAST 5 products as per the order that you have made via this website, and that your order stands unless you advise us to the contrary within 3-hours that you wish to cancel. Homeopathic products can not be re-sold.