Hi There, I’m Rachel

I myself have battled with weight issues since having my first child. Started off slim and sporty but ballooned out after the birth of my daughter. I found it hard juggling motherhood, working full time and have struggled to keep on top of my weight for the years that followed. Over the past 20 odd years a lot of trauma and grief smashed its way into my life and just took over, it was like a dark shadow had come over the top of me and I could not/did not want to shake it.

This saw me put on over 30kgs of my previous healthy weight. My digestive system and joints were failing and I was warned by my GP that I was at high risk of diabetes and a heart attack. On top of this, I felt like the rug was pulled out from beneath me once again when Perimenopause presented itself! Fatigue, Hot flashes, Chills, Night sweats, Sleep problems, Mood changes, Weight gain and slowed metabolism. My 2 surviving adult children sat me down and told me they were worried that they were going to lose me and that I needed to do better to stick around for them and their children.

Let’s all do this together

Helping others to not only lose weight but to understand your body, and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

I previously owned the first franchised Keto Clinic in Auckland and loved helping others to not only lose weight but to be more assertive on their weight loss journey. I believe now that I am in a better position to pick this back up as I have discovered something that works, is simple and cost-effective, and can help all walks of life. Other similar programs can set you back a few thousand dollars!

Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction!
We all go through stages of giving up and just settling for being bigger/more unhealthy than we should be, less active than we could be and not making any efforts to change.

This is where the Fast 5 comes in, it is a quick and easy way to drop around 5-7kgs (a whole size in clothing terms) to get back to where you were OR to kick start a longer journey. Our FAST 5 is just the thing you may need to start looking after you again.

I personally have found that by dropping 10kgs some of my most dreaded menopause symptoms (Hot flashes, Chills, Night sweats, Sleep problems) have reduced dramatically. Of course I have found there are triggers that can bring them back but it is all about (yes Im going to use THAT word) balance! Do I have the wine and/or the coffee and get the hot flashes or do I refrain? I get to choose and just having that option is wonderful – you don’t have to feel STUCK, you now have a choice.

Let me be that gentle nudge that can provide you with the little kick start you may need xo