Introducing the 

Fast 5 Weight
Loss Program

Want to lose 5-8kgs in just 3 weeks?


This program can help correct poor eating habits while burning any unwanted stored fat. It focuses on a low calorie food plan for 25 days and includes 3 stages. Lose weight fast!

AT LAST! A weight loss program that works quickly and safely with minimal hunger & good healthy food!

How much would you give to get yourself back to looking like you again! Lose weight fast! I lost a whole dress size on my 1st round of this program.


Let the FAST 5 program help you to correct poor eating habits while burning unwanted stored fat from stubborn areas such as belly fat. This is based on a low calorie food plan for 25 days and includes 3 stages.

Stage 1 – Load Up
Stage 2 – Strict Eating
Stage 3 – Stabilise

The FAST 5 program is designed to take advantage of the body’s natural hormonal system of regulating fat stores in your  body, and stimulating it to release the stores of dense, long-term
“brown” fat from problem areas on your body such as the stomach and arms.

The FAST 5 Program


I was so relieved and grateful to have finally found something that actually worked. As I followed the plan, the weight came off and I was sleeping better. I was so stoked with the results I knew I had to share, however most weight loss programs were so intense and priced way out of reach!

Enter the FAST 5 program! A super easy to follow package that will educate and support you throughout the program.

I am a fan of sharing the love and with the help of a dear friend mentoring me to step out of my comfort zone, I prepared this program as an easy to follow plan at a reasonable price. 

If you align with any of the criteria below, FAST 5 IS FOR YOU!

  • Menopausal woman struggling to lose as hormone levels drop & metabolism slows down.
  • Anyone wanting to KICK / RE-START their weight-loss journey & stay motivated.
  • Trying to lose weight for a special occasion eg. holiday, wedding, ball or other event.
  • Need to lose weight for health or other reasons.

Packages Currently Available:

Starter Pack

Everything you need to get 

started on this journey

Dr Simeon Book
Delicious Recipes
Allowed Food List
Recommended Shopping list
Diary Tracker (editable)
HCG Pilules


Pilules Pack

Great for anyone wanting
to repeat the 3 week program

Ideal for someone who has
done HCG before and
would like another go.

Standard Price

Fast Five Program
Eat well
Weight loss Program